Our Tapas, starters and salads


Located 22 Place de la Victoire, our restaurant has a beautiful terrace to enjoy a moment of pleasure. 

What a pleasure to meet up with friends or family on this terrace and enjoy the meal.

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Plancha of tapas (2 or 4 people with aperitifs)

Plancha of the sea                                                                                                                            23.50/35.00€

La galette du Plana (potato pancake, smoked salmon, mesclun, cream cheese with chives), salmon tartare, Poêlée of «chorizo, praws and squid »

Southwest Plancha                                                                                                                           23.50/35.00€

Foie gras terrine, smoked magret, Serrano ham, sweet smoked chorizo, Espelette pepper sausage, marinated peppers

Vegetarian plancha                                                                                                                           19.50/ 30.00€

Aubergine caviar, marinated peppers, Vegetable crisps with marinated peppers, Pan-fried potatoes and mushrooms

From the sea

Prawns with mayonnaise  10.50

Whelks  11.50

Cap-Ferret Oysters  

  •  number 3    X 6    19.50
  •  number 3    X 9    26.50
  •  number 3    X 12  32.50

Plate of Seafood (2 people)    32.00

(Whelks, winkles, oysters and prawns) 

La Galette du Plana  16.50

(Potato pancake, smoked salmon, mesclun salad, cream cheese with chives)

Pan-fried squid and chorizo 14.50

From the land

Deviled eggs   9.50

Serrano ham 13.50

Bellota ham (42 months old and dry-aged)  23.50

Homemade Terrine de foie gras  23.50

Beef carpaccio with basil    13.50

Coddled eggs (with Serrano ham and parmesan cheese)   13.50 

Vegetable crisps with marinated peppers                       14.50      


Fisherman Salad            24.50

Prawns, squid, scallops, salmon tartare, mesclun salad, deglazed soy sauce                                               

« Vendangeur » Salad   20.50

Salad, deviled eggs, tomato, feta, marinated peppers, chicken wings, serrano ham                                                

« Gourmande » Salad    24.50

Salad, gizzards, diced bacon, smoked magret, tomato, asparagus, pine nut, foie gras mi-cuit  

 Vegetarian Salad            19.50  

Salad, deviled eggs, tomato, feta, marinated peppers, Fresh green beans