Our Fish


From the sea

We offer a wide range of fresh quality products and dishes that include: prawns, whelks, oysters, our Fisherman Salad (prawns, squid, scallops, salmon tartare, mesclun salad)…

We also serve whole fish dishes such as our Spanish baked sea bream and broiled turbot.

Spanish hake fillet, basmati rice  17.50

Salmon tartare, basmati rice         18.50

Salmon steak (Tandoori sauce), mashed potatoes    20.50

Spanish baked sea bream (marinated peppers), fresh green beans  20.50

Cod served with aïoli, purée  28.50

Fried scallops, mushroom risotto  28.50

Parillada from the sea (Cod, salmon, scallops), rice   25.50