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Located 22 Place de la Victoire à Bordeaux, The restaurant le Plana invites you to discover the regional specialties of our local cuisine. homemade fois gras mi-cuit, grilled duck breast (south-west specialty) and the wellknown Bordelaise entrecote. The Chief proposes twice a week suggestions. Try it !

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Carte of meats

Flank steak with shallots, French fries    18.50                     

Steak tartare (prepared or pan fried)       18.50

Pork fillet mignon with spices and honey sauce 18.50

Breaded veal cutlet, Italian pasta  23.50

Andouillette 5A with its mustard sauce, French fries (Tripe sausage)  20.50

Sirloin steak, homemade French fries 26.50

(Bordelaise sauce: wine-enriched sauce with parsley and rosemary) 

Liver, mashed potatoes (Balsamic vinegar and persillade) 26.50 

Grilled duck breast, baby potatoes  30.50

(Southwest of France specialty served with pepper sauce)

Boneless rib-eye steak (10oz race Simmental)  32.50

Beef rib and bone marrow (2 people)      76.00

Choice of homemade sauces: Bordelaise, Roquefort or pepper