• Savory dishes

    Land, The Plana invites you to discover the regional specialties of our local cuisine: homemade fois gras mi-cuit, grilled duck breast (south-west specialty), boneless rib-eye steak, andouillette 5A and the well-known traditional French Côte de boeuf (beef rib).

  • Sea food

    Sea We offer a wide range of fresh quality products and dishes that include: prawns, whelks, oysters, our Fisherman Salad (prawns, squid, scallops, salmon tartare, mâche)… We also serve whole fish dishes such as our Spanish baked sea bream and broiled turbot. Online booking or phone

  • Our suggestion

    We propose suggestions to change your habits and to discover new platter. Let's have a look on our blackboard.

  • Lunch specials

    Everyday, we offer a quick homemade lunch special for an exquisite lunchtime break.  Our cook and its staff, prepare regional specialties or foreign specialties, for you to discover other culinary delights. A “Homemade today’s dessert” is also included in the lunch special.

  • Homemade Desserts

    Ending a meal on a sweet note is a real pleasure for gourmets. Our dessert menu, made up of brasserie classics, is entirely "home-made".

  • Atmosphere

    Warm atmosphere inside, dominated by warm colours. Outside, a huge protected terrace to enjoy the panorama of the Place de la Victoire.